** Airik ** (0o0airik0o0) wrote,
** Airik **

lifes update..

last night i hung out with nick..i have to say...rather amazing..i gotta say...i think im going to be alright with this one...and since im a genius..after a days activites i took him to shiny toy guns so that i can implant a band in his name so whenever were not together..it haunts him when he hears them..yes i know...im a genius...i dont know if this entry makes sense..im pretty tired..long week...all i know is that for once its really nice to have someone who you dont want..and by that i just mean..for a long time i wanted someone to be what i wanted and needed...and for a change i dont have to want them to be what i want or need..they kinda already ...well...are...so...airgo...my bebe...nike..ps alyssa..lets save up..im down for some new jeans,...

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next pic will have clothes on...promise...
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