** Airik ** (0o0airik0o0) wrote,
** Airik **

so i cashed in.....

sooooo todays conversation when im with my baby...

me: nick, i want a hotel
nick: well arent you the kinky one...
me: no no, i just want to have complete privacy and have a pool and bubble bath and just relax.
nick: i see i see, well...hilton and embassy suites
me: i dont know , the one with the most comfy bed and big bathtub and amazing pool
nick: alright well figure it out and tell me how much you need

..so with that, i just went awwwww...i think im a hypocrite cuz we fight ...well..i fight soooooo much about him having a lot of money, but then i get happy when he does stuff for us with me..but still sad cuz i dont want it ever to seem like its all about the money..but anyways..the point of this entry was to invite..well..semi invite whoever wants to come to our hotel this fri night i think it shall be mighty mighty fun..yes sir..
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