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10:36pm 10/02/2009
  Goodbye california

Its been real

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i gotta say...today was a good day   
12:59am 08/01/2009
  stuff just kinda worked out...

went to the peoples choice awards

ended up hanging out with zac efron which was pretty much my plan all along

serena got her plan all along which was to hang out with jim sturges or whatever his name is

i figure...we both had our minds set on a dibs mission so we were going to make it happen..it did

jim was a sexy beast...i was trying to prove he played or my team...i failed..he was pretty much skeazy up serena

however zac efron....fairly positive dudes a homo

and to top it off

paris hilton decided to show up

which somehow ended up making me feel poor and dirty....not that she was mean or a bitch just

she reaks of money

today wore me out

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be careful when giving your aim out on myspace   
04:09pm 25/03/2008

this happens

jayme EXPLOSION: cut agame, he spidermaned me 2 nights ago
jayme EXPLOSION: like jizz in the hand thrown at ur face
jayme EXPLOSION: it got in my eye and ruined my contact
jayme EXPLOSION: so yet cut him
o0oairiko0o: holy fuck
o0oairiko0o: im sorry
o0oairiko0o: i cant
o0oairiko0o: thats kinda amazing
o0oairiko0o: ive never heard of that
jayme EXPLOSION: hahha
jayme EXPLOSION: neither did i
jayme EXPLOSION: i laughed
o0oairiko0o: but cum in the eye
o0oairiko0o: yikes
jayme EXPLOSION: but it was pretty shallow of him
jayme EXPLOSION: i know
jayme EXPLOSION: fo sho
jayme EXPLOSION: he tried to run a train on me
jayme EXPLOSION: i was almost down
o0oairiko0o: yeah thats one of those its only funny if it doesnt happen to you
jayme EXPLOSION: then i decided nahh im not a hoe
o0oairiko0o: trains are sick
jayme EXPLOSION: ya i know
o0oairiko0o: whenever ive seen guys and trains
o0oairiko0o: theyre like the nastiest guys ive ever encountered
jayme EXPLOSION: dude okay agame is fucking hot, so i fucked him no biggy ya know... but his boy greg
jayme EXPLOSION: okay ill show u
jayme EXPLOSION: hold on
jayme EXPLOSION: u will puke
jayme EXPLOSION: http://s42.photobucket.com/albums/e337/frolicbooking/?action=view&current=agame.jpg this is agame
jayme EXPLOSION: fucked him
jayme EXPLOSION: then this kid comes in the room and right when i was about to put it in i looked at his face and was like get the fuck off me now
jayme EXPLOSION: http://s42.photobucket.com/albums/e337/frolicbooking/?action=view&current=l_f52050beead0a584ceb763e657e045cc.jpg
jayme EXPLOSION: hes all what what the fuck
jayme EXPLOSION: and im all dude sorry ur dick is fucking tiny the condoms all fucking baggy
jayme EXPLOSION: yurr sick
o0oairiko0o: haah wtf was that 1st one
jayme EXPLOSION: agame
jayme EXPLOSION: lol
jayme EXPLOSION: hes hot
o0oairiko0o: wait wait wait
o0oairiko0o: the 1st pic of the guy
o0oairiko0o: is agame
o0oairiko0o: and you tihkn hes hot?
jayme EXPLOSION: yepp
o0oairiko0o: no no no
o0oairiko0o: you were drunk
jayme EXPLOSION: the kid smiling really big
jayme EXPLOSION: nope
jayme EXPLOSION: http://s42.photobucket.com/albums/e337/frolicbooking/?action=view&current=agameandi.jpg
jayme EXPLOSION: this kid
o0oairiko0o: yeah big smile kid
o0oairiko0o: eww
jayme EXPLOSION: nope
o0oairiko0o: he has acne
o0oairiko0o: and the other guy
jayme EXPLOSION: cuteee
o0oairiko0o: was just fat
jayme EXPLOSION: hahaha the other kid is like 90 pounds
jayme EXPLOSION: no joke
jayme EXPLOSION: and has a tiny fucking cock
jayme EXPLOSION: agame is adorable
o0oairiko0o: why did he look like he had 4 chins
jayme EXPLOSION: cause he has no chinn
jayme EXPLOSION: i swear
jayme EXPLOSION: lol
o0oairiko0o: sick
jayme EXPLOSION: his fucking teelth are alll ajfnhdpfohmbspdfkjgbsdkfjmnv
jayme EXPLOSION: is fucked
o0oairiko0o: o man
jayme EXPLOSION: hahah
jayme EXPLOSION: im glad i was not drunk... i might have done it
jayme EXPLOSION: and then id have to like idkkk cut off my pussy or somehting
jayme EXPLOSION: more like cut out
jayme EXPLOSION: sory


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Dear you   
01:10pm 03/03/2008
youre dead meat

you used to be sex

and now youre dead meat

i hope you sleep with one eye open

even if you do live far away

i have an idea of where you live

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Dear Tany   
04:33am 04/11/2007
  I never use this thing

i dont know if you do


i miss you

and SB is pretty shitty without you

the end

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so i had a dream   
01:54am 06/03/2007
and i wish it could/would come true

baking really is my passion...baking and cooking

i dont want fame or money

i honestly want small town guy

i want to own a lil bakery in downtown main street where i get regular customers and were on a first name basis sorta deal

that would be amazing..

its my sisters b day..so i made her a cake..and this is what it looks like

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

maybe one day?

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tiss the season...   
05:52pm 07/12/2006
  to keep my new kitty warm...say hello to .......


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im bummed right now   
04:01pm 11/10/2006
  cuz...i wont go back to my work cuz theyre shitty and i hate it...but mainly cuz..my niece just put on old jessica simpson and theres all these duets with nick lachey..and it makes me sad to think they couldnt work which made me think travis barker and his lady...carmen electra and her hubby its just sad...very sad..  

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Im a little girl   
01:47pm 26/09/2006
  i just dreamnt that me and ashley died...and now im bummed and dont want to leave my house cuz its still in my head and i havent shaken it off...so im going to try and talk nick into well...indoor activities at my house only...sadly...if i dont shake this off..i thnk it means i miss watching material girls...  

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so my beau came...   
02:39pm 12/09/2006
mood: happy
And it was rather amazing...he left for work and now im a bummed boy...mission get him back for cuddlesesh 2006 3rd night in a row is in action now...makes me a happy happy boy..esp cuz those of you who have met him like him...Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting</

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i must say i really like it when   
05:30pm 30/08/2006
  im asleep and get woken up to a call that says....rise and shine beautiful...lets go to dinner...yes dinner...cuz i got woken up around 5...  

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going on   
02:57am 24/08/2006
mood: empty
over a year....is it still supposed to hurt?

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still shaking...   
12:54pm 25/07/2006
  so...i woke quite a bit ago..from a fricken hardcore nightmare of a lot of yelling and massive amounts of bodies and blood and watching people get killer...and im still shaking..i dont like it...when i showered..and i would close my eyes to not get soap and stuff in them i would just see my dream...it made me feel like a pussy  

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12:24pm 16/06/2006
  a sick sick boy and going in for surgery...which makes airik a scared scared boy....wish me luck  

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note to self...   
05:09pm 29/05/2006
  dont have sex in car...it leaves you sore with bruises in weird places not to mention its not the easiest thing to do...  

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im really over this   
11:55am 22/05/2006
  so its that time of the month...i dont know why..but basically...just about every month..i almost die...and pretty much want to die...this..i am over..and ready for it just to be over...i want to live and be healthy and watch X men when it comes out cuz it makes me stoked on life...  

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so i cashed in.....   
07:48pm 16/05/2006
  sooooo todays conversation when im with my baby...

me: nick, i want a hotel
nick: well arent you the kinky one...
me: no no, i just want to have complete privacy and have a pool and bubble bath and just relax.
nick: i see i see, well...hilton and embassy suites
me: i dont know , the one with the most comfy bed and big bathtub and amazing pool
nick: alright well figure it out and tell me how much you need

..so with that, i just went awwwww...i think im a hypocrite cuz we fight ...well..i fight soooooo much about him having a lot of money, but then i get happy when he does stuff for us with me..but still sad cuz i dont want it ever to seem like its all about the money..but anyways..the point of this entry was to invite..well..semi invite whoever wants to come to our hotel this fri night i think it shall be mighty mighty fun..yes sir..

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this...this just made   
11:28pm 14/05/2006
  well...my week...
o0o AiRiK o0o (11:25:38 PM): so what did you think
gun goes banggg (11:25:43 PM): of nick?
o0o AiRiK o0o (11:25:53 PM): yeah
gun goes banggg (11:25:54 PM): oh hell yes.
gun goes banggg (11:25:57 PM): i approve.
o0o AiRiK o0o (11:26:14 PM): so you dont think hes eww?
gun goes banggg (11:26:24 PM): no hes good looking
gun goes banggg (11:26:34 PM): i even can admit hes good looking

i was scared for jeremy of all people to meet him cuz jeremys never liked any boy for me...damn i know how to pick them...

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lifes update..   
11:15pm 14/05/2006
  last night i hung out with nick..i have to say...rather amazing..i gotta say...i think im going to be alright with this one...and since im a genius..after a days activites i took him to shiny toy guns so that i can implant a band in his name so whenever were not together..it haunts him when he hears them..yes i know...im a genius...i dont know if this entry makes sense..im pretty tired..long week...all i know is that for once its really nice to have someone who you dont want..and by that i just mean..for a long time i wanted someone to be what i wanted and needed...and for a change i dont have to want them to be what i want or need..they kinda already ...well...are...so...airgo...my bebe...nike..ps alyssa..lets save up..im down for some new jeans,...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
next pic will have clothes on...promise...

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who knew...   
06:56pm 10/05/2006

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