** Airik ** (0o0airik0o0) wrote,
** Airik **

i gotta say...today was a good day

stuff just kinda worked out...

went to the peoples choice awards

ended up hanging out with zac efron which was pretty much my plan all along

serena got her plan all along which was to hang out with jim sturges or whatever his name is

i figure...we both had our minds set on a dibs mission so we were going to make it happen..it did

jim was a sexy beast...i was trying to prove he played or my team...i failed..he was pretty much skeazy up serena

however zac efron....fairly positive dudes a homo

and to top it off

paris hilton decided to show up

which somehow ended up making me feel poor and dirty....not that she was mean or a bitch just

she reaks of money

today wore me out
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